Michael Bromberg Designs
Tree of Life
The tree of life is a powerful, life-affirming symbol in Judaism. It's the world tree from which life sprang and  a link between heaven and earth - the branches reach toward heaven, the roots are embedded deeply in the earth. It represents protection, beauty, life and stability.
In the "Book of Creation," or "Sefer Yetzira," the Tree of Life is the embodiment of love which was created by the 10 divine numbers. One wearing Tree of Life jewelry is symbolized to be walking the divine path.  It also shows high regard to the creation of life.
The Michael Bromberg Tree of Life collection conveys a refreshingly unique and highly creative signature. Each piece of jewelry was uniquely designed and handcrafted while using only quality-cut stones and gems. Tree of Life Jewelry pieces are available in sterling silver as necklaces, lockets & earrings. Our pieces make great gifts for family, friends and even for yourself!

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